7 Second Strategies Catches up with Hugh on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

Sheena Tahilramani and Kristen Caron joined the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show in studio to discuss 7 Second Strategies, our move to the west coast post-administration/campaign, and what we do for our clients. After 5 years of working with Hugh Hewitt and his wonderful team, including his producer Duane Patterson and his technical director Atom Ramsey, we all finally met in person to catch up. You can check out a preview of the interview below.

Check out Hugh Hewitt live Monday-Friday 6-9 PM Eastern at www.hughhewitt.com. Follow Hugh Hewitt on Twitter @hughhewitt or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HughHewittShow. And also check out Duane Patterson on Twitter @Radioblogger.

Preview: 7 Second Strategies on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

Left to Right: Sheena Tahilramani, Hugh Hewitt, Kristen Caron

Posted on August 7, 2013 in In the News

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