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Angeleno Magazine: Recognizing 100 Faces of the Beverly Hills Centennial

7 Second Strategies’ Co-Founder Sheena Tahilramani was recognized in Angeleno Magazine’s April 2014 “100 Faces of the Beverly Hills Centennial” feature. As the city of Beverly Hills turned 100 years old, over 700 of the city’s most prominent business leaders and tastemakers – from Jerry Magnin and Anastasia Soare, to celebrities like Quincy Jones, Jessica Alba,…

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San Diego: Why America’s Finest City Is Also Its Most Innovative

A recent Inc. Magazine article dated April 1, 2014 ranked San Diego as a top 20 “most innovative” city in America. Inc. Magazine’s ranking system, determined by the number of patents granted since the year 2000, highlights San Diego with a classic beach-and-palm-dotted-cliffs photo, characterizing our city as both a top “wireless hub,” thanks to…

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