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NPR the Two-Way: “How to Choose a Husband” by Suzanne Venker is One of the Most Important Books Coming Out this Week

The Most Important Books Coming Out This Week: My Brother’s Book is the final book from Maurice Sendak, the author ofWhere the Wild Things Are, who died last year. My Brother’s Book is a dreamy, gorgeous ode to his brother that draws on the illustrations of William Blake and on Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. Incarnadine is the long-awaited second poetry…

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Fox News Opinion: Suzanne Venker on “How to Choose a Husband”

Norman Vincent Peale, author of “The Power of Positive Thinking,” once wrote these words: “Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” His statement is highlighted at the beginning of my new book, “How to Choose a Husband and Make Peace with Marriage.” Its premise is that if women want to be successful in love,…

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POLITICO: Fashion Reveals How to Update Grand Old Brand by Denise Gitsham

Since last November’s presidential election, the Republican Party has renewed its commitment to wooing Latinos, women and 18-to-39-year-old voters. This decision sprung from a belated realization that losing these voting blocs would threaten the GOP’s very existence. The desire to woo, however, must be accompanied by a 180-degree shift in the party’s branding strategy. A…

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Good Morning San Diego: 7 Seconds to Make a First Impression

Mindy Tucker Fletcher and Jennifer Polk Maxson joined Good Morning San Diego on KUSI-TV to discuss 7 Second Strategies. Whether handling crisis communications, getting media placement for clients, placing op-eds in specialized media outlets, or garnering grassroots support, we will leverage all of our relationships to every client’s benefit. It takes 7 seconds to make…

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Fox News Opinion: Dr. Cloud on Manti T’eo and Relationships

The shocking revelation over Notre Dame linebacker Manti T’eo’s virtual relationship with a girlfriend he believed to be dead, and later realized never existed, led many to label him as “gullible.” In hindsight, considering just the facts, it’s easy to come to that conclusion. But when the psychological principles that led to T’eo’s betrayal are…

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Fox News Channel: College Students Think They’re the ‘Greatest Generation’

Dr. Henry Cloud joined America Live with Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel to discuss analysis of the American Freshman Survey, which has been asking students to rate themselves compared to their peers since 1966. New analysis of the survey shows that U.S. College Students feel more entitled than ever and that there’s a disconnect between…

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POLITICO Playbook: Announcing 7 Second Strategies

Excerpted from today’s POLITICO Playbook: SHEENA TAHILRAMANI, chief of staff for Karl Rove & Co., emails: Beginning today, “I will be joining forces with Mindy Tucker Fletcher, Denise Gitsham and Jennifer Polk Maxson to start a new public and government affairs firm based in San Diego called 7 Second Strategies.” The firm’s slogan: “It takes…

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Fox News Opinion: Dr. Cloud on the Secret to Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

There are three areas in life where we make resolutions: clinical (how you feel), relationships (marriage, dating, family friends, work) and performance (dreams, goals, talents, accomplishments). Many of us will make New Year’s resolutions in the next few days in one or more of these areas, but there’s a problem with those resolutions. Most of…

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