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UT San Diego: Q&A: Don’t forget your business strategy

By Katherine Poythress Denise Gitsham and Sheena Tahilramani help companies develop their brand, their marketing and their message for a living, but only recently did the partners at 7 Second Strategies realize the importance of putting the same amount of energy into their own brand. They launched 7 Second Strategies in late 2012, and the…

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Fast Company: Why PR is Critical for your Startup’s Success

While some argue that hiring a public relations team shouldn’t be at the top of a startup’s to-do list, these PR mavens say hiring such a team is more important than you think. By Sheena Tahilramani and Denise Gitsham Editor’s Note:This article is in response to the April 11, 2014 piece, “Why Your Startup Shouldn’t…

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