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POLITICO: Fashion Reveals How to Update Grand Old Brand by Denise Gitsham

Since last November’s presidential election, the Republican Party has renewed its commitment to wooing Latinos, women and 18-to-39-year-old voters. This decision sprung from a belated realization that losing these voting blocs would threaten the GOP’s very existence. The desire to woo, however, must be accompanied by a 180-degree shift in the party’s branding strategy. A…

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POLITICO Playbook: Announcing 7 Second Strategies

Excerpted from today’s POLITICO Playbook: SHEENA TAHILRAMANI, chief of staff for Karl Rove & Co., emails: Beginning today, “I will be joining forces with Mindy Tucker Fletcher, Denise Gitsham and Jennifer Polk Maxson to start a new public and government affairs firm based in San Diego called 7 Second Strategies.” The firm’s slogan: “It takes…

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